Tolga DEDE

Board Member

Tolga Dede, born in Ankara in 1976, completed his high school education at TED Ankara College, pursued his undergraduate studies in electrical engineering at Southern Illinois University, and earned a master's degree in energy technologies and management from Sabancı University.

His professional journey began at ONUR Yüksek Teknoloji in 1997, where he has ascended through various roles within the company. Tolga Dede accumulated valuable experience as a manager in numerous electronics, communications, and integration projects conducted in collaboration with international companies. He later assumed the position of Deputy General Manager, overseeing the commercial affairs of the company.

In 2015, Tolga Dede founded ONUR Energy Group, dedicated to the development of renewable energy technologies and investments in electricity generation power plants. He played a pioneering role in industrial-scale solar power plant investments within the group.

Currently serving as a member of ONUR's Board of Directors, Tolga Dede is actively involved in managing the Renewable Energy Technologies Department. His responsibilities extend to overseeing new facility investments, leading solar/wind power plant project development activities, and managing the operations of existing power plants within the organization. His comprehensive expertise contributes significantly to the strategic direction and success of the company.