Integration of Aviation Systems


In the early years of its operations, our company, founded in 1980, acted as a subcontractor for both domestic and international firms which provided services to Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and NATO, among other organizations. In the years that followed, we began to take part in these projects as the business partners of multinational firms or independently, drawing on the experience and references we had accumulated throughout this time. We also expanded the scope of the businesses we serve, both in the public and private sectors.

We specialize in the integration and installation of advanced technology such as radars, air traffic control equipment, and antennas, in addition to the design and manufacturing of unique communication systems.

As of today, our organization:

  • Maintains its leadership position in the field of voice communication and recording systems in Turkey, signing new contracts on a regular basis and expanding its worldwide project portfolio.
  •  Operates to extend these cutting-edge products in our nation and on the global market, while implementing the solutions developed for the data communication systems to the field within the framework of ongoing projects.
  • Conducts continuous R&D studies for further growth of both product groups.
  • Preserves its operations in the aviation sector of expertise by signing new contracts, thanks to its expertise in system integration projects.
  • Offers integration services in several kinds of radar systems for monitoring and surveillance, vessel traffic control and management systems, and high frequency radio stations.