WCM-500MP Military Platform Wireless Communication Module

The WCM-500M is a trustworthy ad-hoc mobile network solution for units such as military maritime platforms, tactical vehicles or unmanned surface vehicles to remain connected in operational theatre. It delivers wideband self-forming and self-healing mesh network for stationary and mobile platforms.

It has the feature of creating high transfer rate, formal (mesh), ad-hoc and center-free data networks.

It is designed to operate in an end-to-end hop manner to increase horizon range limits. Thanks to this, their ability to communicate is not limited by horizon range. Hopping ability has been tested for up to 6 jumps.


Military Platform WCM is designed to meet high mobility requirement both for maritime units and vehicles. The system is compatible with other WCMs, and may establish an efficient network with other deployed WCM units. It has a compact design to allow raid deployment.