WCM-500 Wireless Communication Module

The WCM-500 is a trustworthy ad-hoc mobile network solution for units such as stations, ships, oil-rigs, aircrafts, tactical vehicles or personnel to remain connected in operational theatre. It offers wideband self-forming and self-healing mesh network for stationary and mobile platforms.

WCM-500 offers distinctive features for Military Operational Forces, such as use of tactical level command, control and communication systems in a single wideband network for supporting distributed fire capability and full spectrum situational awareness.

High-speed and high-volume data exchange capability delivers a collaborative execution process to prioritize, deconflict and synchronize delay sensitive missions.

The system output power and the frequency band used can be selected according to the platform of use.

The scalability of the system offers use of different WCM systems in combination of operational requirement. These options may cover mobile, vehicular, stationary and hand-held variations of WCM