Other Command and Control Systems

Onur Yüksek Teknoloji offers advanced and reliable solutions in the field of command and control.

Voice communication and recording systems can be used in an integrated structure with command and control systems for both civilian and military applications in all related areas.

Mission-critical system solutions that can be integrated with Platform Combat Management Systems, Airborne Radar Systems, Naval Radar Systems, Reconnaissance Surveillance Systems, and used as the primary communication system of static and mobile command and control centers and tactical platforms (ships, boats, aircraft, etc.) are one of our primary areas of activity.

Our systems provide the capability to establish role-based communication between operators in command and control centers. One of the main features of our systems is the implementation of user services (conference calls, video calls, text messaging, etc.) in accordance with the operation-based role management. All communication resources can be used from a single pool and/or allocated for the use of the relevant operator only, depending on the operational scenarios.

All communications made through the command and control centers, the associated system data, and the video from the radar and reconnaissance surveillance systems can be recorded simultaneously with a time stamp and replayed at any time.

Our systems allow Command and Control Center communication systems to operate in a structure that can back up each other, and also allow implementing redundant architectures based on centers and/or geographic separation.


Voice Communication System (VCS)

The OCS-NG4000 voice communication system is designed with an IP-based VOIP architecture.

The OCS-NG4000 is a reliable, effective, fully redundant, highly available and easily adaptable solution for all voice communication requirements in military and civil applications.

The system provides full-featured HF/VHF/UHF radio communications, including dedicated radio remote control operations, communication resource sharing and telephone communications with external analog and digital telephone networks with a variety of interfaces.

It also supports additional services such as intercom, video conferencing and telephone communications for operators, interconnection/internetworking with additional third-party services such as GSM and SATCOM. In addition, the system allows operators to use advanced features such as video conferencing, text messaging, alarm system management.

Voice/Data Recording and Replay System (VRS)

The ORS-IP2000 is a reliable, effective, fully redundant, highly available and easily adaptable solution for all recording requirements.

The ORS-IP2000 has been designed with “open architecture” approach through modular hardware/ software components. The ORS-IP2000 employs state-of the-art technologies to ensure the data is recorded in its original state with proper time stamps, as well as necessary security measures to ensure authorized access.

The ORS-IP2000 is fully compliant with ED 137 standards to ensure trouble free and seamless integration with other complaint 3rd party systems.

All of the recorded data can be replayed using ORS-IP2000’s integrated web based interface. Recorded data can be filtered using parameters such as source attributes, network address, time and caller-ID information.


RIG-200 Radio Over IP Gateway

The RIG-200 Radio Over IP Gateway converts analog signals that are available on legacy systems to industry standard IP format.

With its flexibility and reliability, RIG-200 gives the system an opportunity to use existing legacy radio systems in IP based communication solution approach. Since it has IP interfaces, access to both local and remote radios are possible over standard network connections. Furthermore, if the interface control information provided, RIG-200 allows the operators to remotely control the radios for over network interfaces, serial lines and discrete I/O lines, and helps the system to bring all necessary functions to the Controller Working Position.

Each RIG-200 module is independently powered for redundancy and feature redundant network interfaces for network availability. The RIG-200 has interface modules, designed with software centric approach, which allows the user to upgrade new features as they become available via simple software upgrades. This approach also allows the system to adapt customer specific requests through software development efforts.

TGW-NG200 Telephony Gateway

Telephony Gateway integrates analog and/or digital telephone lines to the Voice Communication System. With its software-based architecture, it is possible to upgrade to new features and specifications. Telephony Gateway device uses SIP/ RTP protocols to communicate with the other components of ONUR VCS. It can connect to VCS via LAN and also it can connect to the phones located at other VCSs via WAN

Telephony Gateway supports: 

  • IP trunk or subscriber lines
  • FXS, FXO, LB, CB E&M lines
  • Upport for ATS-QSIG and MFS-R2 Lines
  • ISDN or E1 PRI digital lines
In addition to standard telephony functions, advanced functions such as multi-way conferencing, telephone-radio coupling, supervisory monitoring are offered as standard features when connected to the Voice Communication System.