Integrated Voice Communication Solutions

Onur Yüksek Teknoloji’s Voice Communication and Recording Systems is designed with open architecture approach through modular hardware & software components. 3rd party interfaces can easily be adapted to our systems and our systems can also be interfaced with other systems through industry standard interfaces and protocols.

Our systems can be integrated with all types of platforms. The platforms' internal and external communication needs can be simultaneously realized through role-based task sharing according to security levels.

Our systems allow users to access all internal and external communication sources simultaneously, while our integrated solutions allow users to share features such as video conferencing, intercom, text messaging, and more.

Voice Communication and Recording Systems offers solutions that manage all communication functions as a stand-alone system or as part of the platform system for turnkey solutions.

Our solutions, which can be integrated with all command and control and platform management systems, support the core mission functions of the system and can also extend the system's core areas of use with the value they provide.

Voice and Data Communication Recording and Replay System is one of the solutions considered as an integrated system that can be used within the framework of legal processes for mission critical systems, can be used in training and simulation environments, provides recording of images & videos (radar screenshots, operator screenshots, CCTV, etc.) and voice simultaneously with time stamp.

Our solutions can also be used as the primary communications solution for naval platforms, commercial vessels and land platforms. Our systems provide users with flexible and advanced voice switching and distribution capabilities by leveraging the existing infrastructure on the platforms. Our solutions enable the common use of communication tools running on platforms with different architectures and technologies. Effective use of external and internal communication channels with advanced interfaces, separation of open and closed (red-black) communication through role-based security levels are among the features of the system.