Wireless Communication Module

ONUR’s Wireless Communication Module provides the establishment of IP networks between mobile and transferable platforms.

The modüle operates through NATO Band-IV, enabling point-to-point or point-to-multipoint IP-based voice, message, image, and data transmission. The module supports AES256 crypto. It is also suitable for use with the crypto device depending on the user needs. The modüle meets environmental requirements in military standards (MILSPEC).

The IP network established via ONUR WCM can be called self-improved (Centerless / Ad-HOC) and self-organized. The module can be integrated into ONUR’s Tactical Mixed Network Routing System can be used both as a broadband IP communication channel in a multichannel hybrid network architecture or stand-alone. With its light and compact structure and different antenna type options, it has a wide range of applications from small land vehicles to large water platforms.