Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower

ONUR`s Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower System is designed to provide operational air traffic control services where and when needed.

The system is self-sufficient, transportable and fully compliant with the required international air traffic management and control standards for both civil-military applications. OMT-M2000 is a proven solution that
has a wide range of usage including temporary operations on remote locations, airport modernization, military tactical operations, rapid deployments for emergency missions.

All air traffic control systems can be fully integrated into other command and control systems. It helps to establish and maintain air traffic control operations quickly, worldwide at all weather conditions, night
and day, for military and civilian aircraft.

ONUR`s OMT-M2000 is a reliable system for air traffic control requirements and stands as an advanced ATC backup solution with its highest quality and performance standards in line with FAA/ICAO regulations.