IP Based Voice Communications System

CWP (Controller Working Position)

Controller Working Position (CWP) is a touchscreen panel with integrated processing capabilities. It works as a human machine interface (HMI) component of any VCS System. CWP is designed according to operators needs with a high level of functionality and user-friendly interfaces.

VCS Server

VCS server provides functional features for the system, such as component registration, configuration and control, device monitoring, authentication authorization and accounting features on the system level.

ONUR Radio Over IP Gateway (RIG 200)

The RIG-200 Radio Over IP Gateway converts necessary signals that are available on legacy equipment (audio, PTT, squelch, serial data) to industry standard IP format. Our radio gateway solution features a modular design approach to enable pay-as-you-grow scenarios while honoring strict redundancy and safety requirements. FPGA based architecture allows software based upgrade path to upcoming standards and new functionalities. In addition to audio interfaces, our modules feature programmable serial data interfaces, enabling remote control of the radios where required. Furthermore, these interfaces can also be used for integration with 3rd party systems. Native support for MIL-STD crypto devies are also provided.

TGW-NG 200 Telephony Gateway

The gateway integrates analog and/or digital telephone lines to the system. With its software-based architecture it is possible to upgrade to new features and specifications.

Integrated Recording Service (Optional)

One of the most distinctive features of ONUR`s IP Based Voice Communications Systems (OCS-NG4000) is its optional integrated recording capability. Without the necesssity for external recorders, the system, out of the box, supports intergrated receording capability for all communications over the CWPs.

Time Server

An accurate time reference among all system components is critical for incident reporting and investigation.The time server provides all devices in the network with a highlyaccurate reference time over IP (namely NTP protocol). The input to the time server is a highly accurate time signal provided by its in internal GPS module.

Ethernet Switch

Ethernet switches are used to connect OCS-NG4000 components on the transport network level. Various models for different deployment scenarios are available. All switches are proven COTS products from

leading manufacturers with state of the art redundancy options.

Maintenance and Configuration Terminal

The system used to configure, manage and monitor all the OCS-NG400 components in the system from a single central point. All critical services like user management, role management, numbering assignments, line configurations etc. are done through CMS System.