IP Based Voice Communications System (IP-VCS)

End to End IP and Fully ED-137B Compliant Solution
  • Radio independent architecture
  • Touch panel with highly intuitive, fully customizable user interfaces
  • Radio remote control from any position (authorization based)
  • Voice crypto integration ready architecture
  • All facilities are continuously available to any position, subject only to permissions
  • Minimum user action needed to perform routine tests
  • Any mix of main operators, radios, PABX lines and special interfaces
  • Any mix of headset, phone handset, foot switch and loudspeaker/microphone interfaces
  • Split headset operation for simultaneous G-A and G-G operation
  • Various forms of position-to-position intercom (break-in, call/answer, dial-up, etc.)
  • PTT switching on panels and/or in-line switches and/or footswitches
  • Dual headset interfaces for trainee/instructor operation
  • Dual headset interfaces for live handover operation
  • Various radio cross-coupling options (simplex, duplex, etc)
  • Centralized Alarm Management
  • Operation-based user role management