Voice Communication System

The Coast Guard Will Talk With `Coast-Net` Project

The Coast-Net Project, which will bring the Coast Guard Command floating platforms to network supported capability infrastructure, was signed between Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) and ONUR. The project will establish a network-supported capability infrastructure between floating platforms, coast stations and headquarters of the Coast Guard Command.

With the Coast-Net Project, the Coast Guard Command will be able to connect to each other and with their headquarters on IP-based wireless networks and gain secure communication capabilities over different communication channels. With the components developed nationally by ONUR, the HF/VHF/UHF radio, GSM, satellite and broadband Wireless Communication Module will provide high security, redundant and sustainable network infrastructure with the coastal stations.

A hybrid network architecture consisting of multiple communication channels with different bandwidth and specifications will be completed. The management of these networks in different architecture in a single network will be provided by the "Intelligent Routing Unit" developed with national facilities.

With the integration of the communication systems in the boats, the Coast Guard Command`s platforms will be able to seamlessly connect to the mainland and to transfer digital audio, video and data.

With the project, the Coast Guard Command will be able to provide integrated communication with higher security and higher speeds in the activities to be performed by Ministry of Interior and Naval Forces.

March 09, 2019