The Turkish Coast Guard Advances Communication Capabilities with 'Sahil-Net' Project

A significant stride in maritime communication has been made with the signing of the Sahil-Net (Sea) Project between the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) and OYT. This transformative project aims to equip the Coast Guard Command's floating platforms with a network-supported capability infrastructure.

Under the terms of the contract, a robust network-supported capability infrastructure will be established, connecting floating platforms, coastal stations, and the headquarters of the Coast Guard Command. The Sahil-Net (Sea) Project empowers elements of the Coast Guard Command to establish secure IP-based wireless network connections among themselves and with the land-based headquarters, utilizing various communication channels.

OYT, through the development of national components, will create a highly secure, redundant, and sustainable network infrastructure. This infrastructure will facilitate communication among boats operating at sea through HF/VHF/UHF radio, GSM, satellite, and broadband Wireless Communication Module (WCC). The resultant hybrid network architecture, comprised of multiple communication channels with varying bandwidths and technical features, will be managed seamlessly by the "Smart Routing Unit," a national resource.

The integration of communication systems on the boats ensures uninterrupted connectivity between the Coast Guard Command's platforms at sea and the mainland. This advancement enables digital voice, image, and data transfer during maritime operations.

The Sahil-Net (Sea) Project not only enhances the Coast Guard Command's communication capabilities but also fosters integrated communication with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Naval Forces Command. This initiative represents a pivotal step toward ensuring higher security and faster communication in the Coast Guard's activities.