OYT Voice Communication Systems (VCS) and Voice Recording Systems (VRS) are slated for deployment at Çukurova Airport.

In preparation for the inauguration of this airport, currently under construction with an anticipated capacity to accommodate 12 million passengers annually, OYT is poised to deliver its domestically manufactured VCS and VRS systems.

As a distinguished player in the aviation industry, OYT takes pride in having successfully delivered over 400 air traffic management systems to date. We stand as the exclusive producer of Voice Communication Systems in Türkiye, a distinction that places us among the select few globally. Our gratitude extends to our esteemed customer, Kozuva Şirketler Grubu-Favori İşletmecilik A.Ş., for entrusting OYT with the expansion of locally produced aviation systems. This collaboration signifies a significant stride towards the integration of cutting-edge technology in the aviation infrastructure of Çukurova Airport, contributing to the enhancement of air traffic management capabilities.