OYT's Radio-IP Converter has garnered significant attention during the "Voice Communication Interoperability over Internet Protocol" tests organized by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Representing Turkey at the "FAA VOIP Interoperability Event," an exclusive gathering of leading global companies, OYT showcased its technological prowess and innovation.

The primary objective of the event, held between April 29 and May 10, was to assess the level of interoperability among manufacturers producing various components, including VCS solutions, VRS solutions, GRS solutions, and RRCE Gateway Solutions.

-VCS solutions
-VRS solutions
-GRS Solutions
-RRCE Gateway Solutions

OYT's Radio-IP Converter stood out by successfully completing interoperability tests. This IP-based solution facilitates seamless communication between existing communication systems and analog radios, emphasizing OYT's commitment to cutting-edge technology and global interoperability standards.