ONUR Secures DHMI New Generation Voice Communication and Recording Systems Tender

ONUR, the sole domestic manufacturer, has won the DHMİ tender for new-generation IP-based communication (VCS) and recording (VRS) systems, aimed at enhancing the effective management of our country's airspace.

Pioneering the concept of localization in "IP-Based Voice Communication and Communication Systems" through the Air Defense Radio Network Project in 2012, ONUR expanded its expertise to other air traffic control projects. In the civil aviation domain, it adhered to the EUROCAE ED-137 standard and successfully secured the "4 VCS and VRS Supply" project tendered by DHMI in 2015, outperforming international competitors. The systems were successfully delivered at Adana, Gaziantep, Siirt, and Muş Airports.

Most recently, ONUR, as the exclusive domestic manufacturer, secured the VCS/VRS tender for six airports. This tender, opened by DHMI in the current year, became effective as of October 19, 2018. Notably, foreign companies abstained from bidding due to the stipulated requirement for bids in Turkish Lira.

Projects of this nature not only reinforce Turkey's position in aviation by meeting critical needs such as voice communication in both civil and military air traffic control applications with national resources but also exemplify the strategic approach and endeavors of the state to boost the utilization of domestically produced goods.

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