Navigation and Air Traffic Control System Integration

Since the 1990s, ONUR has actively participated in numerous navigation and aviation system integration projects within our country and neighboring regions.

With a wealth of experience and expertise, ONUR is well-equipped to serve as the primary contractor for a wide range of applications, including individual procurement, installation, commissioning, and flight control activities for navigation systems, as well as providing comprehensive 'turnkey' solutions for airport communication and navigation systems integration.

Among our ongoing projects, ONUR stands out as the sole domestic company with a proven track record in supplying navigation systems as the main contractor. Some of the systems we have supplied, installed, and integrated in various projects include:

  • CAT I/II/III ILS – Instrument Land Systems
  • A-SGMCS – Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System
  • TACAN – Tactical Air Navigation System
  • VCS – Voice Communication System
  • VRS – Voice Recording and Replay System
  • VHF/UHF Radio Systems
  • Automatic Terminal Information Service