Voice Communication System

Network Enabled Capabilities CNS&ATM


Voice Communication System
Network Enabled Capabilities CNS&ATM

Quality Management System

Quality Policy

  • To fulfill customer demands and expectations in all areas of operation without compromising our obligations on quality, margin, and timing, therefore keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level
  • To establish effective and transparent communication with our stakeholders
  • To continuously gear up the Quality Management System to improve productivity and quality
  • To perpetuate employee satisfaction and support their individual development through appropriate training while keeping the highest level of interest and motivation at work
  • To comply with provisions, national and international standards in our operations, to optimize the domestic industrial and human resources

Quality Management System Certificates

Our quality management system has been built in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. This system provides the conformity of products developed throughout the lifecycle of projects and the development processes applied with the defined requirements and plans.

ONUR has "ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System" and "ISO 27001-2015 Information Security Management System" certificates.

Our Company has "NATO and NATIONAL CONFIDENTIAL Facility Security Clearance" issued by the National Security Authority of the Turkish Ministry of Defense. The conformity of the protection measures, intended to physical security of information, documentation, projects, and materials already existing or can be existed and designed in consideration of the location of the facility and the environmental conditions as well as the internal and external threads which the facility can be exposed to has been guaranteed by these certificates.

Information Security Policy

ONUR is committed to protecting confidentiality, integrity, and all physical and electronic information assets. Information and information security requirements will be in line with our corporate objectives. In this context, our policy is;

  • To meet the information security requirements of all our stakeholders, to review the risks continuously
  • To carry out the necessary work to fulfill the standard requirements of the information security management system and to improve its effectiveness continuously
  • To comply with the legal regulations and other requirements regarding information security in all our activities
  • To increase our employees’ awareness of information security

Environmental Policy

  • To take precautions to prevent environmental pollution while manufacturing our products and services and to comply with the legal statues and other terms relevant to Occupational Health Safety and Environment
  • To ensure the productive use of natural resources and strive for waste reduction, continuously gear up environmental management system
  • To take due precautions to create safe working conditions and minimize the risks that may arise from our operations