Chairman`s Message

Our company’s way of business has changed with the changing dynamics of our country during the time from foundation until today. In our first years, we had begun to acquire experience of doing business in the defense industry by means of collaborating with firms characterized as "NATO contractors". As for the following years, we developed our integration capabilities by cooperating with foreign firms in various projects. This process has transformed us after a while into one of the integrator firms providing solutions for the requirements of Turkish Air Force Command particularly in the field of air traffic control systems. As a result of a decision made in 2005 for developing our own products, we have become one of the very few firms qualified to work with the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) as the main contractor.

The process of developing and changing is an endless and continual cycle while institutions and individuals keeping up with change are succeeding, unfortunately, the rest cannot achieve continuation because of not being able to experience this dynamism. In our more than 35-years of corporate history we have always invested in people, we considered all of our personnel as family members and included them into decision-making processes; we have internalized the personnel and make them internalize the company. Thanks to this corporate attitude, we have transferred in 2015 some precious friends, who were working in the industry for many years, having desires and opinions to make a difference. I believe that we will improve our image of being a preferred institution in the industry to work with by means of the participation culture, corporate structure, and the human resources policies and practices to be developed in the upcoming period.

We will continue to progress confidently into the future in line with our mission by using our knowledge and experience gained in our past. In order to be a company leading in Turkey and competing all over the world, we will continue to work with the sense and thrill of this responsibility primarily in the fields of defense industry and technology in line with the determined strategies and policies.

In this respect, I thank all our devoted employees, our business partners, and our customers trust us, who brought ONUR to this level.

Best regards.