Engineering Experience Results

Air Defence Radio Network Project For Turkish Air Force Command

A contract was signed between SSB and ONUR on 21.03.2012, regarding the design, development, test and installation of Air Defense Radio Network. 

Within the scope of the contract, ONUR will deliver Radio Over IP (ROIP) Equipment whose R&D and development was done in house, Communication Panels (Controller Working Positions), Software Based Voice and Data Switching Systems, Voice Recording Systems, Radio and Network Management Systems, Maintenance and Monitoring Systems and HQ TOD Distribution Network.

The aim of the project is to provide TurAF with Network Enabled Capability (NEC), by integrating the current Air-To-Ground and Ground-To-Ground communication means to a IP based network infrastructure.

IP (Internet Protocol) based communication between the assets of TuAF will be established by ONUR’s indigenous solution. ONUR’s solution is based on it’s own custom designed Radio Over IP (ROIP) equipment and network operator interfaces with complementing COTS hardware, particularly figured to maximize local content.

Some of the key features offered by ONUR’s solution are listed as below:

  • Standards based design,
  • Flexible and configurable infrastructure,
  • User-friendly and ergonomic communication panels,
  • Shared and multi-accessible resources,
  • Seamless and integrated communication between different technologies (radios, telephone lines),
  • Independence from location and interfaces,
  • Remote management and monitoring of the network and communication equipment (radios),
  • Multi layer security through  authorization, authentication and accounting (AAA) mechanisms,
  • Modular design enabling future expansion,
  • Software based design enabling implementation of features that may be requested in the future.