Engineering Experience Results

Wireless Intercom

Portable Full Dublex Wireless Crew Intercom System

Portable Wireless Adapter (PWA-4000):

Our Portable Wireless Adapter (PWA) is a personal radio transmitter/receiver to which a headset can be connected. PWA unit is designed to support a wide variety of headsets. This feature allows the users toleverage existing equipment. PWA unit can

support headsets with electret microphones, dynamic microphones as well as active noise cancelling sets. PWA supports different kinds of communications modes including full duplex, hardwired PTT as well as VOX triggered PTT. PWA features dedicated buttons for channel selection, volume level adjustment, PTT mode selection and a dedicated PTT button. A programming interface is also provided to program the unit to be able to interface with different kind of headsets and microphones.

Wireless Platform Bridge(WPB-4000):

Wireless Platform Bridge is a portable wireless bridge that connects to the platforms existing wired intercom system via a suitable adapter cable. Once connected WPD acts as a base station for the PWA units enabling communication between PWA units as well as PWA-WPB communication. WPB is designed to be able to interface with virtually all intercom systems including civilian and military helicopters, aircrafts,naval systems etc.