Engineering Experience Results

General Directorate Of State Airports Authority

A tender procedure announced in 2015 by the General Directorate Of State Airports Authority intended to "Procurement and Installation of a IP-Based Voice Communication System and an IP-Based Voice Recording/Listening System" has been finalized in order to provide the air-ground communication among air traffic control units and aircrafts and the ground-voice communication with other peripheral units for 4 airports in Turkey.

The only firm who proposed domestic products for the tender where international manufacturers competed was ONUR. As a result of the technical and administrative evaluation, ONUR`s proposal was determined as the best one; so the State Airports Authority and ONUR has entered into a contract on November 24th, 2015 for the work. 

The products demanded through the contract are required to be in conformity with the ED-137-B standard published by EUROCAE The European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment). This standard defines the interoperability of civil aviation communication systems (telephone systems, radio systems and VCS systems) using VOIP (Voice Over IP) technology. ONUR is also a permanent member of the working groups within EUROCAE intended for developing the standard.

February 03, 2016