Engineering Experience Results

Competence gained in military field will also be used in civil fields

ONUR has become an important competitive player of civil aviation by supplementing its efforts for ED-137-B conformity on its competence on VOIP-based voice communications gained in military field.

We have harmonized in 2015 our IP VCS product with the standards developed by EUROCONTROL in Europe in terms of civil aviation requirements, and we have been invited to the WG-67 work group of EUROCONTROL as a permanent member as a result of our knowledge and experience on IP-based voice communication systems.

Following the competence demonstrated by us during the meeting of the work group intended for developing the ED-137 standard, which was held in Prague, we have also been accepted as a permanent member of another group working on VOIP security.

We are extremely proud of not only being a firm working to ensure the standard of their products, but also a firm prominent in the development of this standard over the world.

February 09, 2016